Anti-fraud at Linebet

Linebet betting company follows international anti-fraud and anti-money laundering practices and guidelines. We comply with local laws and assist law enforcement agencies in investigating financial fraud. Any user found to be engaged in suspicious activities may be prosecuted in accordance with the applicable laws of the country. If his actions are qualified as fraud or money laundering, the site administrator has the right to apply for help from law enforcement authorities and pass them all the necessary information. The account of the potential violator at the website or at the Linebet app download will be blocked until the circumstances are clarified. In case the fact of fraud is confirmed the blocking will be extended for an indefinite period of time.

Linebet fights the fraud and protects bettors' money.

Main Information

In order to counteract any kind of fraud or financial scams, Linebet has implemented a few rules that apply to all users of the site:

  • When withdrawing funds the user may be required to undergo prior verification of identity;
  • Each player is allowed to have no more than one account. Re-registration is forbidden;
  • Financial transactions of large amounts may be checked manually by the security service;
  • Withdrawal of funds is possible only within the established limits of payment amounts;
  • Withdrawal of funds is allowed only to e-wallets and bank accounts belonging to the owner of the account.

If your account has been blocked but you think you are innocent, please contact Linebet Support. You can also contact us if you suspect fraud by other players.

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