Linebet Affiliate Program

Our Linebet company started activities back in 2019. We have hundreds of thousands of customers and the site is only trying to grow. It is because of this that we created a Linebet affiliate program. With it, every player can become our partner and start earning by inviting new customers to the site. At the moment, we already have more than 20,000 partners around the world. For new affiliates, there is technical support to help them the first couple of times. Just register in the Linebet affiliate program and get up to 50% commission for all invited players.

The world first heard about this company in 2019, so that the website is constantly developing a Linebet affiliate program.

Linebet Affiliate Program: General Information

If the player’s country allows betting and gambling, this person can become a member of the Linebet affiliate program. The main advantage of the partner is that the commission he receives from the referral is for life. If the referred player bets or plays in the casino regularly, the commission will be large. Also, a huge plus of our partnership program Linebet is that there is no limit on the number of brought users. 

Find out more about the highlights of the Linebet affiliate program.

How to Register at Linebet Affiliate Program?

In order to become a Linebet partner, the player needs to register in the affiliate program A brief guide on how to do this we left below:

  1. Go to our affiliate Linebet program page. Open the official Linebet website using the link from this page. Now go to the bottom of the homepage and click on the “Affiliate Program” option;
  2. Sign up Linebet. On the new page please use the Linebet affiliate registration point. This will open a form to create a profile. Fill it out;
  3. Now, wait. It will take some time for us to verify your information. After full verification, the partner will be contacted by the manager of the company and will be notified about the results of the verification;
  4. Earn money. Distribute your referral link. The more players you bring, the bigger commission you will get. Everything is in your hands.

The player will now have his own account. It is very useful because it can track the traffic the player has brought to the site.

Any customer can easily become an affiliate by simply completing the Linebet affiliate registration procedure.

Affiliate Program Rules at Linebet

The affiliate Linebet program has rules that partners must follow. The reader can read about the main ones below:

  • The affiliate’s income per player is strictly limited and cannot exceed the value set forth on the site;
  • Partners may not create more than one account. Such activity is punishable and if this is revealed, the player will not be paid;
  • Partner’s profit fully depends on the referral’s losses. The amount received by the referral from the cashback is also taken into account;
  • The Linebet affiliate receives money for the brought users during the first 5 days of each month;
  • At any time we can request from the partner the necessary information about him. In case of refusal we can terminate the partnership;
  • Each of our partners confirm that honest and up-to-date information about him/her was used during registration;
  • Our customers are not allowed to use our affiliate program for fraudulent activities or money laundering;
  • Our company Linebet may use the information provided by the player within the affiliate program for analytical or marketing purposes. We will not use the data provided for any other purpose.

The above rules are basic and are enough to be a Linebet affiliate and not make mistakes. However, we still advise you to read the full range of rules on our website.

In order to avoid misunderstandings between the parties, a set of rules has been developed that partners must follow when using affiliate Linebet.

Benefits of the Linebet Affiliate program

In fact, our Linebet affiliate program has a wide range of different advantages. You can find out more about them below:

  • The player does not need any investment in order to receive money from the affiliate program;
  • Partner’s income can reach 50% of all losses of his referral;
  • Each partner is assigned a manager. He can ask questions, which is very useful at the beginning;
  • The income can be tracked in the personal account of the partner on the Linebet Apk;
  • The Linebet affiliate is given the opportunity to conduct an analysis of his activity. In the personal account you can see where more traffic came from and where less came from;
  • The partner receives income every month on a regular basis, not randomly.

These are the main strengths of our loyalty program. Become our partner and earn without investing a dime!

By using Linebet affiliate you get a huge number of advantages.

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